Strong Inside Named A Top Biography for Youth

Strong Inside has been named one of the Top 10 Biographies for Youth in 2017 by the American Library Association's Booklist publication. The biography of basketball pioneer was honored along with biographies of the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ... [Continue Reading] Q&A

"Also, given the racial divide in this country and the incidents of school bullying and harassment we’ve seen since the election, I am hopeful this book can play a small role in bringing kids together. Some young readers will identify closely with ... [Continue Reading]

The Seth Davis Podcast

Perry Wallace and I were guests on The Seth Davis Podcast, discussing Perry's pioneering journey as the first African American basketball player in the SEC and both the adult and young readers versions of STRONG INSIDE. Davis, of Sports Illustrated ... [Continue Reading]

BookPage Essay on Truth in a Trump World

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Perry Wallace. I doubt I’ll meet a middle schooler who knows Wallace’s name. But his story could not be more important at this time in history, when racism—subtle and overt—was at the heart of a winning presidential ... [Continue Reading]

The Quindaro Press Review

Strong Inside Young Reader edition cover

STRONG INSIDE young readers edition gets a rave review from the Quindaro Press, a site specializes in "nonfiction books of social justice and people’s history that are suitable for ages 12 and up." In summarizing the book, the review states: "Andrew ... [Continue Reading]

Bill Rhoden Podcast

Perry Wallace and I were the guests of legendary former New York Times columnist and author Bill Rhoden on the 100th edition of his podcast. Co-host Jamal Murphy and Rhoden talked to us about Wallace's life and career as a pioneer, and both the ... [Continue Reading]

Middle School Librarian Praises STRONG INSIDE

Strong Inside Young Reader edition cover

The popular middle school book blog Ms. Yingling Reads calls STRONG INSIDE young readers edition a must for any middle school or high school library. In her fantastic review, Ms. Yingling calls the book a "a fascinating, very personal account of the ... [Continue Reading]